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“Frustrated or Overwhelmed with your job search?”

This is where you will find the answers not everyone will share!

Gary Collins

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Career Coach

Can you afford not to have the

Over the past two decades Gary Collins has head hunted and placed 100's of senior executives with some of the world’s leading companies across six contents in over 30 global cities.



To help my Clients to go from someone in the crowd - to the standout must have hire in a matter of weeks!

My Clients turn-up for interviews prepared, confident and in control - they dictate the outcome!

My Clients all have the Headhunter Advantage - over 20 years of executive recruitment experience.

If you too want more interviews for the jobs you desire and want the confidence to become the desired candidate rather than just another in the interview process, if you want to learn how to negotiate significant salary increases and improved terms - then read on ... I know like 1,000s of other executives I have helped, I can make a huge difference to your job search success too.

You see, I have decided it is time to level the playing field – to share the “Job Search Secrets” that have until now been the preserve of board level executives.

So, I teach my clients how to become and position themselves in the top 10% of candidates in their chosen job function and industry. Even if you are looking for that big promotion, been made redundant, looking to transition career, returning after a break/maternity/paternity/illness etc.... You can position yourself at the top of the candidate pool.

So, what’s the Silver Bullet?

Well in this case the “Silver Bullet” is having the inside knowledge that propels your CV and LinkedIn Profile to the top of the pile and gives you the interview skills and technique to confidently smash through limitations.

All of which I like to call “The Headhunter Advantage” You can have it too!


So, here's what I've got going on…


As an executive Headhunter I have been advising the great and good across numerous sectors on how to advance their executive level careers - this is the stuff that propels their job searches and helps them land the dream jobs that others can literally only dream of.


I’ve pulled back the curtains on over two decades of executive recruitment experience and know how!


I am sharing everything I have learnt and done to assist Senior Executives to successfully chart their career and land the jobs of their dreams.


I'll share the good, the bad and the ugly so that you know exactly what you should be focusing on to get the best results faster.


If you would like expert advice and guidance in a specific area of your job search then you have landed in the right place.


This will truly help you to define, find and land your ideal next role on your dream career path.

Client Testimonials

I worked with Gary when I was living in London and looking for a new career opportunity. I found Gary to be approachable and supportive and he was always ready to offer valuable and relevant guidance and advice during my search. He is a knowledgeable and vastly experienced career advisor and believe that his in-depth knowledge of the recruitment market would be invaluable to anyone who is looking for a new career opportunity.

- Michael Berns

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