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The Straight-Talking Career Coach – That Gets Results Fast!

Hi, I’m Gary Collins – Executive Headhunter turned Career Coach.

Let me start by saying this:

Your LinkedIn Profile – is now more important than your CV!

Yes really – every single person that is involved in recruitment, searches LinkedIn for candidates. Less than half of all vacancies are now advertised!

Your LinkedIn Profile is your online CV and job attraction magnet, and

it must achieve 2 primary and important things:

  1. Be found by LinkedIn searches – run by recruiters, like me.

  2. Immediately engage with human readers (when you appear in their search)

I can teach you how to do both and Smash the competition!

You see, recruiters like me pay LinkedIn for licenses such as “Recruiter” or “Sales Navigator”. These are powerful search tools that allow us to dig deep into peoples profiles and identify exactly who we want for any given role. The search engine algorithms not only use metrics such as location, sector, title, function, previous or current employer etc – but also give preference to complete profiles and those of proactive users as well as a host of other hidden criteria.

All of which makes you more or less likely to appear on a search.

You also have the ability to make your profile more or less visible to the wider community so if you have not optimised all of these choices you will be less visible.

Quite simply, if your LinkedIn Profile is not aligned to the job you want and not optimised to be found – oh, and is not complete, engaging and attention grabbing – well guess what? Yep, you are missing out on great opportunities.

If you use LinkedIn properly, not only will you be found and seen by more recruiters, but you will be in control of targeting your ideal role. Once done properly you can sit back and let your profile do the work. That is why, I say, Your LinkedIn Profile is now more important than your CV” – Your LinkedIn profile when complete and properly optimised works proactively to attract employers – even when you are sleeping!

Get this right and you are literally SMASHING the competition!

Quick LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Let’s get started! Here is a quick checklist for you to tick off as you create each element of your LinkedIn Profile – Please don’t miss any off! If you do you will potentially be missing opportunities.

  • Name

  • Headline

  • Photo

  • Background

  • About (Your Summary)

  • Role History

  • Education

  • Recommendations

  • Skill & Endorsements

  • Groups

  • Following

  • Optimised to be found

  • Connections

  • Posts & Articles

If you would like detailed guidance on completing each of the elements. I have an online course “Get Hired Faster” in which I provide explanation on the importance of each of these elements and guide you through each to make your profile a powerful representation of you, your skills, and experience and how collectively they make you much more likely to be found by recruiters searches and then to engage with them when they look at your profile.

In this course I will also help you get a job search Action Plan up and running to ensure you remain motivated and focussed throughout your search as well as help you to build a CV that Grabs Attention and opens doors – ensuring that you get more interviews and as a result more job offers.

This course is packed with value and bonuses – have a look here for more detail

Good Luck with your Profile – It really is massively important to get right.

Wishing you all the best on you job search


Do you have a Headhunter in your corner?

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