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What caring employers offer

You don’t need to be a large corporate to offer your outgoing staff a comprehensive and supportive outplacement solution. 


Our “Executive Career Accelerator” programme has been designed to support people who find themselves unemployed to quickly get back into a dream job much quicker with far less stress and anxiety.

It is an affordable and complete outplacement solution for small to medium sized enterprises who want to support their outgoing staff and offer them a comprehensive and personal outplacement solution. 


Our aim is not just to get our clients through redundancy and get another job - but to relaunch their career and land their dream job, doing what they love and earning what they deserve and desire!

Our Outplacement solution takes our clients

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Dream Job Offer

Learning from Gary has been a terrific experience. His knowledge and insight have helped me to think about the next stage of my career and what I want to achieve. Most of all he has shown me how to ensure I'm selling myself in the right ways. He has also boosted my confidence; being out of work can be a low and lonely experience but Gary is quick to answer an email or jump on a call when available. Hugely personable, I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. 

Mark - Editor

You don’t need me to tell you that being made redundant is one of the most stressful life events – only just behind losing someone close. 


It creates sudden anxiety, panic, stress and worry which without immediate and ongoing support can result in severe longer-term confidence and self-worth issues.

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The “Executive Career Accelerator”  Programme is designed for the individual – it is created to support people through one of the toughest life events they can face – it is all about the individual, supporting them, helping them gain career and job search clarity and certainty, helping them build confidence, helping them to become the must hire candidate and to get hired faster in their dream role. 


Importantly they will know that they have a vastly experienced career coach in their corner – ensuring that everything they are doing will get them the results they want!


When you know someone has your back and that everything you are doing makes you stand head and shoulders above the competition it creates, confidence and drive that knocks procrastination and anxiety out the park. 

That is what “Executive Career Accelerator” has been designed to deliver:
Peace of Mind that is priceless and results in …

Gary helped me with a career transition years ago and has been a sounding board ever since. He is very knowledgeable and helpful in his approach. I would highly recommend Gary!

- Lauren, Consultant

I’ve known and worked with Gary for about 5 years. He recruited me into a role and I’ve used his firm in making recruitment for my team too. More recently, I have worked with Gary in his capacity as an executive career coach. I find his approach very personal, tailored and helpful on a range of areas. I highly recommend him as I’ve benefited from his expertise.

- Austin, Head of Risk

I was extremely fortunate to come into contact with Gary who steered me through a recruitment process with understanding and grace. I was also expecting a baby at the time. Gary took on the challenge of breaking the news to my then potential employer and did not disappoint - I still progressed through interviews, was the chosen candidate and received an offer reflecting worth of the skills and experience I was bringing, I remain eternally grateful for this - Gary is one in a million as far as career coaches go!

- Letitia, Country Head of Compliance

I have found dealing through Gary first class. He always follows through on promises made and is honest and straightforward. I believe Gary knows and understands the marketplace. Working with Gary has been a pleasure and I look forward to a continued relationship with him.

- Ray, Regulatory Consultant

I first came across the Executive Career Accelerator designed and delivered by Gary. I found it very insightful and thorough. I then had a one-to-one session with Gary which was immensely beneficial to me. During the session, Gary asked the right and important questions which helped me to further gain clarity with a birds-eye view of my current career path and my aspirations. We also went through important aspects of CV writing, the insights and tips are invaluable to me. I felt Gary really understood me, as an employee, an entrepreneur, and a mother. He was able to identify my key skills and apply them to the potential job aspirations, which I had not previously considered. I now feel energized and working towards a clear goal. I am grateful to cross paths with Gary and I have no hesitation in recommending him!

- Lena, Tutor / Author

I worked with Gary when I was living in London and looking for a new career opportunity. I found Gary to be approachable and supportive and he was always ready to offer valuable and relevant guidance and advice during my search. He is a knowledgeable and vastly experienced career advisor and believe that his in-depth knowledge of the recruitment market would be invaluable to anyone who is looking for a new career opportunity.

- Michael – AI & Fintech Director

Executive Career Accelarator


1. Webinar  (click here for more info)

  • 7 Fatal Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • Tools You Need to Succeed

  • How to Position Yourself as “The Must Hire Candidate”


2. Strategy Call – Understand where you are and where you want to get to, what needs to change, happen, and put in place to make you “The Must Hire Candidate”.


3. Career Analysis Exercise – Gain Clarity on “What Next” – Build the Road Map & Action Plan.

4. Clarity, Dream Job, Dream Employer – “The New Strategy”

5. Access to all “Get Hired Faster” online course modules

  • Action Planner Video Series + Action Planner + 10-Before-10 Exercise

  • CV Creation Video Series + Templates + Creation and Writing Guide

  • LinkedIn Optimisation + LinkedIn Profile Builder Guide


6. Identify your “Personal Brand” what do you do in your role that defines you? 

7. Create and Align your CV with your dream job - “Create an Attention-Grabbing Front Page”.

8. Optimise LinkedIn – Build a Profile that will ensure LinkedIn’s algorithms place you at the top of recruiters searches and that will visually engage with those recruiters promoting your brand and what it is you do for the types of organisations you want to work for. 

9. Create Bio – Creation Guide and Critique. Another tool massively underused that will make you stand out from the crowd. But it has to be used correctly, right time, place and message.

10. Proactively Go-To-Market – using your Bio, using LinkedIn, using your Network

  • Identify Dream 100 Employers and key Identify Decision Makers

  • Proactively Target these using 10-before-10 system (Connect, Message, email) 

  • Approach and connect with the best and appropriate Headhunters – “get on their radar”.

  • Use Your Network, grow your Network, use other people’s Networks.

  • Recruiters and Jobs Boards


11. Interview Technique, Preparation & Confidence

  • Interview Preparation Protocol 

  • Interview Story Portfolio 


12. Salary/Package Negotiation – how and when to ensure you get the optimum outcome.


13. “Headhunter in Your Pocket” direct access to Gary via Voxer Mobile Messaging App 


14. 8 x 30 minute one-to-one calls to be used on any area you want additional support or guidance on – or just for a motivational or accountability chat. The programme is designed to allow you to use Gary’s expertise and knowledge on the areas you want help with.

The above can be bespoke as required with additional hours of one-to-one support or additional modules such as Recorded Mock Interview and Psychometric assessments.

Benefits to Employee

  • Immediate reduced anxiety and stress knowing they have support with moving forward and can quickly go to market. 

  • Immediate peace of mind knowing that an experienced career coach has their back

  • Immediate action and planning, creating clarity on what next and strategy to landing their ideal next role much quicker.

  • Someone to guide them and keep them accountable, reduced procrastination 

  • Someone to answer all their questions, knowing that what they are doing will get them their desired and deserved results

  • Someone to help create that Attention Grabbing CV

  • Someone to help build a LinkedIn Profile, that attracts attention day & night

  • Someone to help build interview confidence

  • Someone to help prepare for every interview

  • Someone to turn to when they are feeling low in confidence or unsure on what next.

  • Someone who really does care about their success 

  • Someone to help negotiate the best package


Just knowing the person supporting them has helped 1000’s of executives to land their dream job in less time with less stress and anxiety – this is priceless to anyone who finds themselves in a redundancy situation. 

Benefits to Employer:

  • Peace of mind, knowing you are doing the right thing for your outgoing staff

  • Massively reduces the personal burden and guilt knowing you are supporting your outgoing employee on their onward journey.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your outgoing employee is supported and advised by a career coach with over 2 decades of experience who has helped 1,000s back into employment.

  • Reputation protection – being known as an employer that really does care

  • Improved moral of remaining employees

  • Improved loyalty of remaining employees

  • Reduced ongoing attrition of concerned employees 

  • Reputation as a good and caring employer helps attract future talent

  • Cost effective solution to what is regarded as an expensive undertaking

  • Offering a large corporation benefit to your employees 

In a nutshell – Our Executive Career Accelerator Outplacement Programme - ensures your outgoing employees move on with confidence, feeling that they have been supported by their employer to get into a new job quickly, supported by an expert career coach.


If you too would like the peace of mind I know this brings, then click below to book a call with Gary to discuss how we can help you put together a bespoke Outplacement Solution.

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