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About You

Becoming unemployed or being made redundant, or even at risk of redundancy can produce so many negative emotions that it really can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and not knowing which way to turn or where to start! 

I know, I have been there too and through my career I have helped 1000’s of people in a similar position to find the clarity they need to not only move forward but to land their dream job.

Please believe me when I say that going from a place of despair and worry to one of elation and success really is not that difficult or complicated when you use my tried a tested recipe that will get you more interviews and job offers faster!

When unemployed it is very common to feel...

Overwhelmed, Confused, Worried, Lost, Unclear, Directionless, Anxious

So if you are asking any of these questions – I really can help you! 

  • I’ve been made redundant – where do I start?

  • Why do I never get called to interview?

  • I am not sure how to structure my CV?

  • What does a clear, concise, attention grabbing CV look like?

  • Do I need a LinkedIn Profile?

  • What does a good LinkedIn profile look like?

  • How do I get my LinkedIn profile noticed?

  • Why do I always come 2nd in interview?

  • How can I control my nerves in interview?

  • What are good questions to ask? 

  • How do I properly prepare for interview?

  • How do I identify and work with a good recruitment agency?

  • Should I send my CV directly to companies?

  • How do I approach and use my network?

My courses and one-to-one coaching are designed to answer these and many more questions – so please sign-up and learn the simple recipe to “Getting Hired Faster”.  

Only you can choose to truly make a difference in your life and career so if you want to learn simple yet effective recruitment techniques and receive the guidance that I have given board level executives in their job searches and careers – then choose to do so whole heartedly. 

I will help you overcome all the above quickly and easily .... it’s your choice.

So, whatever you do, please do not choose mediocrity!

The cost of success is (for a limited time) only £49

“Successful” really is not that far away and these simple tweaks to your job search will give you massive advantage! 

But …… You need to decide to choose wisely! Invest in yourself and your future! 

Achieve Your Dreams

A little known fact … After their formal education, the average person will spend around £350 per annum on takeaway coffee and/or snacks but £0 on self-development. 


That is why the average person remains average, those that invest in self-development …achieve their dreams!

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