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Key Courses & Masterclasses

Reach your Potential

Improve your Confidence, and Find Lasting Professional Satisfaction through Leadership and Career Coaching 

I’m levelling the playing field….

I want everyone to have access the Headhunter secrets that have until now been the preserve of executive level candidates.

Firstly, you can of course access my free guidance and advice in my Headhunter Tips, Blogs, Vlogs and of course download the free CV template.

If however you would like to really get ahead of the pack then I have 3 ways you can access even more to accelerate your job search and smash the competition. 


Online Course

Standout and get noticed!

This course will give you everything that you need to get clarity on your situation and then focussed on your job search.  It will help you create a door opening CV as well as an attention-grabbing LinkedIn Profile!  Plus, there are a number of other bonuses that will help you get more interviews and land more job offers faster! 

This Course is currently being offered for £499

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Smashing Interviews

Do you have the confidence & technique?

This course is the next step on your journey and will really help you to smash interviews with greater confidence, I will teach you how to prepare like a boss and turn up with the confidence and poise that will leave any interviewer with a positive impression and put you at the top of their mind.

This Course is currently being offered for £599



If you would like one-to-one coaching on any aspect of your job search and career journey, then I offer the following Masterclass coaching sessions.  These will truly ensure that you have the exact tools to rise above the chasing pack. 

These courses are bespoke to each individuals needs .  You will receive 3 x 30 minute coaching sessions on the Masterclass of your choice and these will be tailored to your specific needs.  The 3 sessions alongside the use of the additional resources available for each Masterclass generally achieves the desired results and outcome. 

If additional time is required then this can be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis. 

Your CV is the key to the castle - without a great CV you are on the back foot before you have started.

I will help you rebuild your CV so your skills and experience are immediately attention grabbing

How to stand out on LinkedIn and have recruiters approach you. Create an impressive profile and optimise your page for maximum results.


Finding yourself unemployed can be massively overwhelming and stressful.  By gaining clarity and a way forward with a detailed job search plan – you will quickly get back your confidence and focus


If you don't prep like a boss you won't get the gig!  This is where the vast majority of candidates I have dealt with let them selves down - don't be one of them!


The most difficult area of success for many people - how to turn up with confidence and self-belief. You really can change this with some simple and effective techniques.


Smash every interview - with guided interview technique assessment, critique and improvement.


This one can be really challenging – how do you position yourself and your transferable skills?

How do you get recruiters to consider you? 


These are used more and more by companies as selection tools – I can help you to understand how to make them work for you.



Unsure if your CV and LinkedIn Profile are attention grabbing. 

I will review and critique these to ensure you they are interview magnets.

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Head Hunter Advantage One-to-One Coaching Programme

This is what really separates the winners from the rest!

Finding a new new job is a process, actually its more like a recipe or formula that needs to be followed exactly and each part of that process needs to be done well. No, in fact it needs to be done amazing well. 

Click below to find out how Gary has helped 100's of executives to successfully navigate everything from CV to Negotiating 6-7 figure packages.


Gary has created the "Head Hunter Advantage" programme to give you the exact recipe, tools and support to rise above the competition and land the job of your dreams. 

Want an Unfair Advantage?

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