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Get Hired Faster

Online Course

Do you have an Action Plan? Without a structured job search plan you have no direction and will miss opportunities!

Is your CV a door opener or door slammer? - get this wrong and you are on the back foot from the start!

Is your LinkedIn Profile optimised  to attract recruiters - even while you sleep?

Having a plan, a door opening CV and optimised LinkedIn Profile is imperative to "Getting Hired Faster"  


Now Imagine…

You had access to a system – no, “The Recipe” – that would get you hired faster?


You see Gary has created just that – the entire process – “The Recipe” to getting more interviews and therefore job offers!


Downloading the Free CV Template – was a great first step – but to truly beat the chasing pack Gary has distilled over 2 decades of executive recruitment experience into this must do course “Get Hired Faster” to help everyone succeed – no matter where you are in your career or what sector or industry.

Gary has decided to flip his career from Headhunter to Career Coach in order to level the playing field and make what is traditionally the preserve of board level executives and make it available to everyone.

This system "The Recipe" will get you in a new role of your choice so much faster!

So, if you want to learn the secrets and art of being the top candidate!

Watch this Video to learn how you too can be the one that gets the job offer – Faster!


Course Content

Module 1:  Action Plan

Without direction you are blowing in the breeze!

Module Videos:

  1. Action Plan Course Video


  1. Dream Job Builder 

  2. Action Plan - daily

  3. Forecast Action Planner

  4. 10 Before 10 - recorder

Module 2:  Attention Grabbing CV Builder

Get this wrong and you will miss opportunities!

Module Videos:

  1. Attention Grabbing Front Page

  2. CV Creator



  1. CV Template

  2. Example CV

  3. CV Headhunter Tips

  4. CV Creator Instructions

  5. CV Creator Presentation 

Module 3:  LinkedIn Profile Creator

LinkedIn, when used correctly, is now the most powerful way to find a new role - are you missing out?

Module Videos:

  1. Creating your Standout LinkedIn Profile - that works even while you sleep!

  2. Optimising you LinkedIn Profile – for maximum search success.



  1. LinkedIn Profile Creator Instructions - all you need to know and more.


  1. Job Application Tracker 

  2. Visualisation – the start to massively increasing your interview confidence

Never before has so much been made available for such a small investment! 

Here's the best part - this small investment will mean you will be unemployed for less time as you will land the job of your dreams earning what you desire – faster! 

What would getting a job 4, 8, 12 weeks faster mean to you?


Gary has massively reduced the price of the course to make it available to everyone – this can only be done for a limited time so act now and sign-up!

Gary Collins

For a limited time Gary is offering the entire course for a one off cost of £499

What is My Risk?

There is Zero Risk!


If you are not satisfied with the course in the first 30 days, you can request a full refund. No questions asked.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This course will give you the tools to smash the opposition – it will give you the confidence to apply for that dream role – it will give you the knowledge to create a truly door opening CV – to create a LinkedIn profile optimised to attract recruiters. 


Decide to get on the front foot now, to be the best version of you, and smash your job search - sign-up Now!

There really is zero risk and you will "Get Hired Faster"


Gary’s advice and guidance has helped people for the past two decades to achieve their full potential and land the job of their dreams – now this knowledge is available to you in this course! 


If you are frustrated by not hearing back when you send out your CV – the solution is here!


Gary Collins


Are you putting the emphasis in the right place in your CV?

Is you LinkedIn Profile optimised to be found?

Do you have an Action Plan that will ensure success faster?

Do you have a job search plan and end goal?

Do you know how to use LinkedIn to successfully approach recruiters and employers?

Have you been made redundant and now overwhelmed with how to get started?

Are you in the dark when it comes to LinkedIn and what a difference it can make?

Do you ever look in the mirror and think “I should be further in my career by now”?

Who is 

Gary Collins

Since 1999 I have been a head hunter and have worked for leading brands as well as successfully launching and building recruitment businesses in the UK and Australia. Placing well over 500 executives with global companies on six continents in over 30 cities.


I really have been blessed with a broad and exciting career and as I say to my clients, “it is never too late to change course and follow your dreams.”

Much the same as I am doing with my career coaching venture.

You see, I have realised the thing I am truly passionate about is helping others to achieve their ambitions and dreams!

I find myself in the amazingly fortunate position to do exactly that - to share everything I have learned as an International Head Hunter with you and anyone else that wants the keys and formula to job hunting success! 

The formula or perhaps recipe really is quite simple and straight forward - but like everything in life if you don't know or follow the recipe exactly you don't get a great chocolate cake! 

I would love to share my "Getting Hired Faster" recipe with you - as I know that it will help you achieve your wildest ambitions too! 


I can honestly say that I have lived what I teach as I have not only regularly reinvented myself but also done so in different countries, with market leaders such as EY (Ernst & Young) and Deutsche Bank as well as launching and growing my own businesses.


So if you want to smash through your job search barriers and learn my tried and tested system then sign-up now. 

Gary Collins
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