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Gary Collins

My Passion...

I really have been blessed with a broad and exciting career and as I say to my clients, “it is never too late to change course and follow your dreams.”

Much the same as I am doing with my career coaching venture.

You see, I have realised the thing I am truly passionate about is helping others to achieve their ambitions and dreams!

I find myself in the amazingly fortunate position to do exactly that - to share everything I have learned as an International Head Hunter with you and anyone else that wants the keys and formula to job hunting success! 

The formula or perhaps recipe really is quite simple and straight forward - but like everything in life if you don't know or follow the recipe exactly you don't get a great chocolate cake! 

I would love to share my "Head Hunter Advantage" recipe with you - as I know that it will help you achieve your wildest ambitions too! 

My Own Career...

My career started with the South African Air Force where I trained as an instrument technician. However, being young and curious, I decided to go travelling – this really began my varied and exciting career journey which has included; hydraulics technician, bar tender, restaurant manager, customer services representative, finance assistant, internal auditor, risk manager, compliance officer and of course head hunter.  In three different countries across numerous sectors.

Since 1999 I have been a head hunter and have worked for leading brands as well as successfully launching and building recruitment businesses in the UK and Australia. Placing well of 500 executives with global companies on six continents in over 30 cities.


So, I can honestly say that I have lived what I teach as I have not only regularly reinvented myself but also done so in different countries, with market leaders such as EY (Ernst & Young) and Deutsche Bank as well as launching and growing my own businesses.

A little bit about me…

I hit the magical 50 this year (wow how did that happen?) and live in Surrey, England with my wife Natalie and our two wonderful sons Harry & Max – oh and our Miniature-Schnauzer, Ted!  He’s a nut but we love him for it!

We are a very active family and love playing and supporting all kinds of sports, I am a cricket coach at our local cricket club where the boys play. Harry & Max are also keen football players, swimmers, and love karate.

Weekends and holidays we love nothing better than a good adventure, climbing mountains, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, sleeping under the stars and anything else outward bound is par for the course.

I was extremely fortunate to come into contact with Gary when I responded to an FT advertisement for a Compliance role based in Ghana with a multi-national. At the time I had no idea of the multi-national recruitment and jobs landscape in Africa and I had never had any experience of navigating the categories of expat, half-expat, local employee etc. Gary steered me through the 9 month recruitment process with understanding and grace. I was also expecting a baby at the time. Gary took on the challenge of breaking the news to my then potential employer and did not disappoint - I still progressed through interviews, was the chosen candidate and received an offer reflecting worth of the skills and experience I was bringing, I remain eternally grateful for this - Gary is one in a million as far as career coaches and headhunters go!

- Letita Adu-Ampoma

Gary Collins
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Reach your Potential

Improve your Confidence, and Find Lasting Professional Satisfaction through Leadership and Career Coaching 

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